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icono DMTFull, free and open source. Manage and enjoy your Networked Media Tank in your Android. Browse and play NMT files in your Android. Use Networked Media Tank applicacions from your Android. Designed for Popcorn Hour A100, A110, A200, A210, A300, A400, B110, C200, C300, PopBox 3D, PopBox V8, eGreat, Digitek HDX, Kaiboer and others based in NMT system.

This application uses the open source library TheDavidBox client for java (thedavidbox-client4j).

Source code

Source code hosted at Github licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0


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  • NMT FTP Server installed and started is a requirement for the File browser functionality.
  • MyiHome or Llink service started is required for playing files in Android. (At least one of them is required)
  • Compatibility:  Disk Usage and Remote Control functionalities are only compatible with PCH A200, A210, C200, A300, C300, popbox, asiabox because of the use of TheDavidBox API services


Multi profile support
Disk Usage (only compatibles)
Remote Control (only compatibles)
Music Playlist (only compatibles)
NMT Services (only compatibles)
File browser:

  • Browse files and folder
  • Play media files in your Android
  • Play media files in NMT only for devices compatible with TheDavidBox API
  • Move, rename and delete file or folders
  • NMJ Jukebox excludes management
  • To play files in Android you will need  to install RockPlayer Lite, VPlayer, VLC Beta (NEON version) or similar (*)(**) in your Android in order to play all media files because there are file extensions that are not supported in Android by default. ServeStream is an excellent choice for opening music stream files.
  • HD supported. MKV files will play. Now is all depending on your network speed and your Android processor
  • Use IP or Domain Name to access NMT ftp server

(*) Note that not all multimedia players are able to open files via streaming even when they support the file extension you are trying to play, so you will need to use trial-and-error method to find out which are the best media players for your Android version and phone/tablet model. DMT provides the right urls to open files, you can choose which apps you want to use to open them

(**) MoboPlayer can not open all NMT streamed files right now. Files can be succesfully opened if their absolute path don’t contain any blank space.

Web clients:

  • Use IP or Domain Name to access NMT
  • Use NMT original apps and 3rd party installed apps through their web interface clients
  • Add/Delete custom links to apps of your NMT device
  • Web clients screen design for quick access to all your links
  • Main grid configuration with show/hide for every link
  • Automatic cache clearing


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FAQ & troubleshooting

  • Application is not working

Make sure you have enabled Wi-Fi option on your Android and disabled the mobile data connection, because the IP address of your NMT belongs to the Local Area Network.

  • File browser is not working

1. Ensure ftp server is started. Check status in «Setup ==> NMT Applications»
2. The default user/pass on the 200-series is nmt/1234
The default user/pass on the 100-series is ftpuser/1234
3. You can change the password in «Setup ==> NMT Applications==> change password»
It will affect both samba and ftp server
4. The most simple test is to use a web browser in a PC, access this url with your data:
Port is optional, default is 21
for example: ftp://nmt:1234@
If you can see your files in your web browser with this url then you should be able to see them from DMT also with the same configuration
You can use Filezilla or similar in your PC to test this connection also

  • File browser. About playing files

In Android:

There are two ways to stream from NMT to Android; Using MyiHome (only installed in some models) or Llink media streamer app (Llink requires installation in NMT using Custom Software Instaler). You can also use both of them.

Ensure MyiHome server is started in NMT. Check status in «Setup ==> NMT Applications».

When a file is clicked for file playing, DMT will calculate the full path of the file in the NMT. Only If your ftp root folder doesn’t contain folders with drive names, the Drive Name Setting will be used to calculate the full path when playing files

If the first screen when you connect via ftp is something like:
when open a file in Android it will open the right path because the ftp home contains the name of the drive.

But if your ftp first screen is something like:
then DMT doesn’t know the name of the drive to build the path to open the stream via myihome or Llink, so you need to adjust this drive name in the settings screen.
This way, the drive name will be added to the calculation of the path and it will open correctly files in Android via streaming:
/stream/file=/opt/sybhttpd/localhost.drives/HARD_DISK/test.html, etc…


Playing files in NMT is only compatible with PCH A200, A210, C200, A300, C300, popbox, asiabox because of the use of TheDavidBox API services
Drive name setting is also use to calculate the real path of files in NMT in the process of playing files in NMT

When a file is clicked

It will be calculated all possible targets available (myiHome, Llink, NMT) depending on your settings.

  • File browser. About NMJ Excludes

It allows to exclude video, music, photo or all types of files from Jukebox scanning. NMJ Excludes are officialy supported by Jukebox for C-200, A-200/210, but its management has been included in DMT for all NMT models because there are users using PC Jukebox or other nmt jukebox apps. For more information visit the official wiki: Wiki NMJ FAQ of networkedmediatank.com

  • File browser. Permission denied

It means that you do not have permissions to perform the operation you asked for. You should consider to change permission of folfer or files to 755 or 777.

755 –> rwxr-xr-x
777 –> rwxrwxrwx

You can do this via telnet (you must have telnet enabled on NMT). Just start connection via telnet and type:
chmod -R 755 /share/Music/targetFolder

On Linux, if you have NMT mounted in your filesystem:
sudo chmod -R 755 /mnt/popcorn/Music/targetFolder

The «-R» will change the permissions recursively to the subfolders.

  • File browser. I can’t see some files or  folders
Known bug: Folders with symbol «;» in its name. Message «Folder is empty» is shown when any subfolder has the character semicolon «;»  in its name.
Check that you have the correct permissions. Maybe you can not see them becasuse the ftp user is not allowed to see them. Take a look at the «Permission denied» section.
  • Transmission is not working, it opens a page but with no torrents running or you are getting an error like “409: Confilct”

If Transmission was installed via CSI Installer the url must be «:9091/transmission/web/#files» to get it working. Default url provided in Droided Media Tank should work if Transmission was installed by default in your NMT

  • NZBget is not working

NZBget installed via CSI Installer uses “:9999/NZBget_web/”. Default url “:8066/” should work if NZBget was installed by default in your NMT.

  • The IP of NMT changes often, do I have to change the IP in the application every time?

You can set up your NMT to have a manual IP. If the IPs in your network are assignated dynamically, it is recommended to choose a high number for de IP in the range of your network, this way that IP will never be assigned to any other device in the network. Your NMT will have always the same IP in your network and you will never need to change it in Droided Media Tank.

  • Is it possible to use my NMT outside my local network with Droided Media Tank?

There are several free services in the internet that allow to use a free Domain Name to point to your dynamic IP.

One important thing about port forwarding: DMT uses port 8088 (to access myihome), port 8008 (to use nmt davidbox api services) and port 21 (default for ftp). If you want to use all DMT features outside of your local network, you should consider forwarding mentioned ports on your router.

  • NMT Services. Error changing status

Error received from NMT services when executing operation of changing service status. This means there is an operation currently being executed for that service name. You need to wait some time to let NMT finish the current operation to execute a new one.

  • Any other problem, comments and suggestions

Official thread in networkedmediatank.com

Issues, bugs and user suggestions for future releases


Known bugs:

  • Folders with symbol «;» in its name. Message «Folder is empty» is shown when any subfolder has the character semicolon «;»  in its name


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